Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I want to feel good!!

Feeling good!!!

For me it isn't an option, I feel good!!  

James Brown said it and I'm feelin' it!!!

As should we all!!

We are here just a short time and should enjoy it, having fun and being happy!  Please, let that be your reality.  Try it you will like it.


Love and respect yourself. Let the things that bring you happiness take a place of priority in your life.

Allow your thoughts, words and actions to be positive, filled with love and create what you want in your life!!

Think in a positive way.

Say positive words.

Make positive actions.

Let these simple things lead you to a state of feeling good!

We are so blessed in this life we have here. Each day we have the opportunity to start over.  Every morning the sun rises and illuminates a new day for us!! We can begin anew and feel good.  It is our option!

It's like a light switch just turn it on or off.

on - off

Positive - Negative

Love - Fear

A simple act, a decision.  Like a switch.  What do you want?

I feel good!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Herbal Medicine

Just a note about what has led up to this moment.

In 1990 I bought a book about herbal medicine and found it fascinating that people could use plants as medicine.  I purchased some herbs and made some tea Don't remember what or why but remember the way it felt very magical.  Soon I was making herbal blends, some of them pretty bad tasting, for friends.  The herbs allowed my friends to recover balance in their state of well being and health.  I thought that it was the greatest thing!! Imagine that making magic happen!!!

A new passion had begun...

Now many years have passed and the passion only grows!!! Magical moments often pass in the use of herbal medicine.  I like making magic..

I have studied and taught in many places in North America, for the last 14 year mostly in Mexico.  One of the things I love about what I do is that the learning never ends.  I am learning every day, still after all these years, with my friends plants and people and especially from the people with whom  I am sharing the herbal medicine / magic.

My experience in Mexico has been such a gift to me, I have shared herbs with people all over the country. 
Treating dis-eases of all types and people from all walks of life.  Many of my "patients" had been told by other practitioners of medicine that there was nothing that could be done to help their condition. Imagine that feeling "I can't be helped with my problem" and then finding someone that says  "Let's see what we can do".
My "teachers" in their desperate situations have taught me so much!  The feeling of helping a desperate person find some relief and get some resemblance of balance back in their life is such a joy for me.  MAGIC!  The gratitude and happiness that I have seen in these cases is so beautiful.   It feeds my passion.

Some times I meet someone and they find out about what I do and they always ask do you have an herb for this or that problem and of course, anyone who knows me will laugh, I tell them "We got Herbs for that!!".  In other occasions I tell them come let's go for a walk and see what the local Pharmacy has to offer.  Upon finding the correct plant, making an offering of tobacco and prayer, gathering the medicine and sending them off home with their remedy then later a call telling me that they feel better. MAGIC!!! It gives one a sense of job satisfaction as well as job security. 

 Life as a Curandero. It gets no better!

So I spend my time traveling here and there helping people and making friends.  

I could be visiting somewhere near you and don't forget "We got herbs for that!"
I will post again soon!!!